Spark Remodel

HFC takes seriously the call to spark the creative imagination of our children. Our goal is to ignite a flame for Jesus that will consume them and cause them to be a light in our world.

After many months of work and countless volunteer hours, our new Spark Worship Center is complete! Our kids (grades K-5) have been having a blast worshipping in this new space. While the adults are having a meaningful service in our church sanctuary, our kids are involved in the same sort of event. Kids help lead music, run the moving lights, work the video projectors, and participate in various ways!


If you haven't seen the new space, you need to be sure to stop by next time you are at church. Watch the video rendering and you'll get an idea of the feel we were trying to achieve. Then visit us and you'll be amazed at how well everything came together.


And if you'd like to help with our Kids' Ministry, contact Pastor Jen ( and she can get you more information about ways to contribute.