Grades 6-12  

















InsideOut meets every Wednesday Night starting at 6PM, where there is an hour of fellowship and food. You can show up anytime during this hour. At 7PM, we move to the worship room and gather together in an opening game, live worship, and large group teaching. We are currently in the series WIRED. 




We believe that a student’s parents (not their church) will always be the biggest influence on their lives in every way – including spiritually.  So if the church wants to impact students spiritually, doesn’t it make sense for the church to try to partner with the most powerful, influential people in those students’ lives in order to make that happen?


We use the term PARTNER for a reason.  It’s because we believe parents and the church need each other.  The church needs parents to be actively engaged with their kids’ spiritual growth, because they’re ultimately the biggest influencers of their own children.  And parents need the local church because their kids need to learn about and experience God from a whole community of believers!  At InsideOut, we strategically develop ways to engage and partner with parents and families.



Youth Staff are the background checked, screened, and hand selected volunteer members who give up their time and resources to invest in our students. Youth Staff are the heart of what we do in InsideOut. They chaperone events, build relationships with students, teach RTA (Rough Terrain Ahead) Groups, and have a passion for seeing young people develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus. 



Along with our weekly gatherings on Wednesday Nights, we also host all sorts of events for students throughout the school year.  These events include: Nerf Wars, Summer Camps, Game Nights, Dodgeball Tournaments, Winter Retreats, Laser Tag, Concerts, Local Missional Opportunities, International Mission Trips, plus whatever else we can think of!  


The goal of our special events is twofold:


  1. To create a really fun and engaging environment for our students to invite their friends and have a place outside of a Wednesday Night and Sunday morning to connect and build healthy friendships with each other.

  2. To teach them how to live out their faith through local, stateside, and international missions.